The perfect balance of performance, portability and energy efficiency

Take a load off
You'll want to take your super portable T Series notebook everywhere. And as the thinnest, lightest T Series ever, starting at just 3.91 pounds, .83 inches thin and with new touch-screen capabilities available; you can—without compromising display size or power.

Work longer with energy-saving features
New T Series laptops increase energy efficiency by more than 25% over previous T Series models, extending battery life and increasing your mobile computing time—a life saver for on-the-go pros:

* Lenovo Battery Stretch lets you make temporary selections in extreme situations to extend battery life.
* Switchable graphics lets you move to lower quality graphics when you need to maximize mobile computing time.
* Integrated graphics reduce power consumption by using only part of your laptop's RAM.
* LCD backlight displays and SSD drives use less battery power and create less heat.
* Optical disk drive and audio automatically switch to a low power state when there's no activity.
* Green Power Scheme and ThinkPad EnergySaver technology help preserve mobile computing time.

icture-perfect graphics
T Series laptops give you superior graphics performance.
Switchable graphics let you power-up stunning graphics for important presentations, then power them down to preserve battery life. And they're easy to use. Just hot-key between Performance and Power Saving modes, or switch via the software user interface. No reboot required!

LED backlit displays are mercury-free and generate 25% brighter displays, boast crisper colors, consume less power and weigh 70 grams less than conventional CCFL displays. Use the wide dimming range to reduce brightness while still experiencing a clear display in dim environments.

DisplayPort video port (on select models) lets you attach a high-resolution digital DVI monitor using a DisplayPort connector. Use this next-generation display interface technology for everything from notebooks to monitors to TVs to projectors.

New touchstone for
productive computing
Life just got a little easier. Our newest T400s notebooks feature Lenovo's exclusive Enhanced Multitouch panel. Indulge in the latest touch-screen technology that lets you naturally interact with applications—by simply using your fingers.

* One- and two-finger gestures to pan, zoom, rotate, right-click and more
* Enhanced sensitivity and accuracy for effortless usability
* Up to 5.5 hrs. battery life

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